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While some photographers will have a studio set up, here is why your newest addition deserves to be photographed in your home. As a Cheltenham newborn photographer I want to share with you 6 reasons why you should consider in-home newborn sessions.

1. You don’t need to travel.

Having a baby is pretty life changing – from my own experience as a new mum I know that some days getting out of my pyjamas honestly felt like a genuine achievement! Other days it would take us four hours to leave the house, and getting anywhere for a specific time felt like the impossible task. By your photographer coming to your home it makes things as EASY as possible for you!Mum lying on a white bed next to her newborn baby

2. You have everything you need for your newborn.

Nappies, change of clothes, milk, soothers, blankets. There are so many things you need to take with you when going out with a baby. Having your session at home means that’s one less thing (or perhaps more accurately 100 less things!) to worry about.

daddy holding newborn baby and kissing baby on the head

3. You have everything you need for you.

Change of clothes, hot coffee, your own familiar environment, space to get yourself ready. Tick, tick, tick, tick.

daddy cuddling sleeping newborn baby on the bed

4. You’re in your comfort zone.

Having photos taken can be uncomfortable for some. But a session in your own home takes the pressure off – we photograph the early days as they are – bare feet, coffee and plenty of cuddles – surrounded by your home comforts.

daddy holding newborn baby

5. Brothers and sisters are relaxed and comfortable.

A new baby in the house can be very exciting but can also take some getting used to. Keeping older siblings happy and involving them is so important, and if necessary they have their toys and books to keep them occupied between photos. Plus we have the flexibility of taking a break whenever you need to.

mummy cuddling newborn baby and older brother on the bed

6. It’s your baby’s first home.

Your home is tied up with so many early memories. The home you brought your baby home to from the hospital. Your first night as a brand new family. Your home is part of your family’s story and provides the backdrop for these early memories. For that reason alone it’s special. It also makes every session unique!


Are you looking for a Cheltenham newborn photographer? If you’d like to book your newborn session, or would like to talk it through, I’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch here!

You can also read more about the best time to schedule your newborn session here.

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