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You may be familiar with the term ‘Personal Branding Photography’, it has been growing in popularity recently. But what is Personal Branding, and how can it help your business grow?

Let’s start with branding.

What is a brand? Your brand is more than just your logo or your colour scheme or the pictures you put on your website. Much more. Your brand is your whole ethos. Your way of doing business. It’s your tone of voice, the way you communicate with your customers. It’s the experience you give your customers. It’s the way you make them feel after engaging with you. As a small business or entrepreneur, you brand is quite likely to be you. Which is why your brand is so important, especially to a small business. When someone buys from you as a small business, whether it’s a product or service, they buy from you because they like, trust and connect with you.

How can photography help?

These days we live in a world where showing up online regularly is probably a core part of your online marketing plan. A Branding session can help small businesses and entrepreneurs to build an online presence and showcase your talents to the world.

A collection of professional, polished and consistent photos will show off your personality and style and help you in building your unique brand, connecting with your ideal clients and growing your business. You can use these images to plan out your social media content, where you speak to your audience on a daily basis, or use them to refresh your website.

It’s about capturing your brand’s ‘personality’, showcasing what is at the heart of your business. Photography will show you doing what you are passionate about, enabling your audience to connect with you.

Female nutritionist preparing food in her kitchen

Personal Branding Photography can boost your business by:

  • Presenting a consistently professional front on your social media and website
  • Connecting with your audience
  • Showing your face – people want to know who you are!
  • Showcasing your talents, sharing your products or services
  • Conveying your brand’s personality
  • Setting you apart

Freshly sliced avocado on a wooden chopping board surrounded by other salad items

A Personal Branding session could be perfect for you if:

  • You are a Creative, a small business owner or blogger
  • You have a need for professional looking, fresh, bright and on-brand imagery to help you make an impact with your social media and website
  • You believe wholeheartedly in #communityovercompetition
  • You’re running this business because it’s your calling
  • You’re ready to up your marketing game!

If you’d like to explore the idea of a personal branding photography session for you and your business contact me for an informal chat! You can see more examples of my Branding photography here.

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Cheltenham Newborn Photographer – Client Feedback | Lin and Jon

Black and white collage of daddy holding newborn baby and baby wrapped in blanket on the bed

Cheltenham Newborn Photographer | Client Feedback


“We had a newborn photo shoot with Emma. She was creative, patient and professional. We were also grateful for her flexibility – working around frequent breastfeeding time outs and toddler tantrums.

She had a way of making everyone feel so at ease. Even our 2 year old loved having his photo taken for some family shots – she magically had him rolling around laughing and smiling!

Overall Emma made the whole experience feel so easy and fun despite having a 2 year old in tow! Needless to say we love all the photos she took. We feel her style of photography allows personality to shine through without distraction from props and backgrounds that you often see in other newborn shoots.

We cannot recommend Emma enough.”


To learn more about booking your at home newborn session in the Cheltenham area or beyond, be sure to get in touch for session details!

Cheltenham Newborn Photographer | Emma Jackson

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When to book your newborn photographer

As a Cotswolds newborn photographer something I get asked a lot is when should you book your newborn photographer? It’s a great question, and the answer has two sides!

When is the best time to book your newborn photographer?

The ideal time to book up your newborn session is while you’re still pregnant – after your 20 week scan. This allows plenty of time to secure a spot in my diary, since I can only accept a limited number of bookings a month. Also, there are so many things to organise and plan during your pregnancy and this ticks booking your session off the list and allows you to relax.daddy holding newborn baby's toes

When is the best time for the session to take place?

I find the ideal time to have your newborn pictures taken is when baby is between 7 – 10 days old. This gives mum some time to adjust and recover from her time in hospital. It also gives baby some time to settle into life at home.

As a baby passes the two week mark, he or she starts to become more awake and alert – and often fussier. I tend to find that 7 – 10 days old is something of a sweet spot. Baby is still sleepy and settled. A newborn’s skin can often be a little bit red in the early days after birth, so this also allows time for baby’s skin to calm down too.smiling mummy cuddling newborn baby

Planning what to wear

It’s an idea to plan your wardrobe before your baby is born, while you have a little bit of time to yourselves. I recommend choosing outfits which are light or neutral in colour, in soft, muted tones. Avoid busy patterns or slogans as these can detract focus away from your newborn. The simplicity of this approach ensures the focus is on your baby and the connections between you and him or her. It also give your photos that timeless quality and helps ensure they will be treasured for years to come.


If you’re considering some photos for when your little one arrives, I’d love to chat! You can see  more of my recent work on Instagram or in the Newborn Gallery. You can get in touch via the contact page!

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In-home newborn sessions | Cheltenham newborn photographer

While some photographers will have a studio set up, here is why your newest addition deserves to be photographed in your home. As a Cheltenham newborn photographer I want to share with you 6 reasons why you should consider in-home newborn sessions.

1. You don’t need to travel.

Having a baby is pretty life changing – from my own experience as a new mum I know that some days getting out of my pyjamas honestly felt like a genuine achievement! Other days it would take us four hours to leave the house, and getting anywhere for a specific time felt like the impossible task. By your photographer coming to your home it makes things as EASY as possible for you!Mum lying on a white bed next to her newborn baby

2. You have everything you need for your newborn.

Nappies, change of clothes, milk, soothers, blankets. There are so many things you need to take with you when going out with a baby. Having your session at home means that’s one less thing (or perhaps more accurately 100 less things!) to worry about.

daddy holding newborn baby and kissing baby on the head

3. You have everything you need for you.

Change of clothes, hot coffee, your own familiar environment, space to get yourself ready. Tick, tick, tick, tick.

daddy cuddling sleeping newborn baby on the bed

4. You’re in your comfort zone.

Having photos taken can be uncomfortable for some. But a session in your own home takes the pressure off – we photograph the early days as they are – bare feet, coffee and plenty of cuddles – surrounded by your home comforts.

daddy holding newborn baby

5. Brothers and sisters are relaxed and comfortable.

A new baby in the house can be very exciting but can also take some getting used to. Keeping older siblings happy and involving them is so important, and if necessary they have their toys and books to keep them occupied between photos. Plus we have the flexibility of taking a break whenever you need to.

mummy cuddling newborn baby and older brother on the bed

6. It’s your baby’s first home.

Your home is tied up with so many early memories. The home you brought your baby home to from the hospital. Your first night as a brand new family. Your home is part of your family’s story and provides the backdrop for these early memories. For that reason alone it’s special. It also makes every session unique!


Are you looking for a Cheltenham newborn photographer? If you’d like to book your newborn session, or would like to talk it through, I’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch here!

You can also read more about the best time to schedule your newborn session here.

Emma Jackson | Cheltenham newborn photographer.

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